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About Patrick McPheron


Patrick McPheron is an artist based in Los Angeles, California.

Patrick has shown work extensively throughout Southern California, including World of Wonder Gallery, Bagavagabonds, Create:Fixate, photo l.a. and Orange County Center for Contemporary Art. INVASION is his first book of work. He is currently in production with his second series, “The Unusual Me.”

 Check out his other photography here.


Artist Statement | CV


Inspired by the sci-fi films and TV shows of the 1950s and 1960s, INVASION picks up where storytellers like Ray Bradbury left off and jettisons us to a retro-futuristic society inhabited by beautiful humans, diabolical masterminds and alien life forms both organic and synthetic. At the end of the day, INVASION is a classic tale of survival… it’s just told through big wigs, outrageous villains and technicolor sets.


The world premiere of INVASION, HNYPT in downtown Los Angeles was turned it into the Infinity Corporation Laboratories. INVASION was a completely immersive exhibit. From the moment guests walked through the smokey entrance they were transported into the Infinity Laboratories. Whether it was the spy handing out secret and sometimes diabolical notes to people or “Rosemary” screaming at the top of her lungs, people were both entertained and alarmed. INVASION enjoyed a sophomore showing at Jose Huizar’s Bringing Back Broadway Initiative in 2016. The cast took over the historic 104 year old Palace Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles. Over 65,000 people come out to this epic night on Broadway.


INVASION Extended Media Release